Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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A: GiveClass will help you to fulfill your passion of teaching your favorite subject to students all over the country through home/group/online tuitions.

A: It's absolutely your choice. We don't recommend traveling very far. Depending on the distance and traffic congestion in your area, you can choose your preferred location for tuitions at the time of registration.

A: It's very easy. You just need to register (link for "Student registration") and fill in your details. We also conduct an online assessment/test of the area of your subject expertise. This ensures we provide the best quality teachers to students and you have something to boast about to the parents.

A: Yes, there is a small registration fee of Rs 500/- before you take the test. Upon registration, we also provide a complimentary training session on "Teaching Effectiveness Training" for best quality. This ensures we have only sincere teachers who wish to take regular classes.

A: It's your decision. You need to input your hourly rate at the time of filling up the registration amount and same is reflected on your profile. The parents will choose you based on your profile and your fees. So we advise you to rate yourself wisely as per market scenario.

A: We respect your impressive credentials. However, to be unbiased, we have the same screening process for everyone. We respect our teachers and constantly endeavor to make it an intellectual and enjoyable experience for our teachers.

A: We believe, "Talents should be rewarded." So there is an option for parents to rate and review the tutor. This also gives you feedback and can adjust your teaching style if required. Higher ratings means more popularity and directly for tuitions.

A: Giving a demo class is an opportunity for you to check compatibility and comfort before giving a commitment. It also helps the customers to make up their mind. Demo classes are free.

A: No, you will be paid after the monthly sessions. You can request payment after completion of 10, 20 or 30 classes. It will take up to 3 days for processing of your payment. You are requested to update your bank account details in your profile.

A: You are requested to inform us 2 weeks in advance. You will be paid for the sessions taken.

A: The highest compliment you can give is to refer us to your colleagues/friends/parents and contribute in our vision of providing quality education to every student. You also earn exciting gift vouchers of Rs 250 per referral*. (Link for referral page)

A: We will be glad to hear from you. Please call us @ +91-7042575022 or drop a mail @

A: GiveClass is the India’s leading service provider for quality & outstanding tutors for home/online/group tuitions. We have a network of highly qualified and filtered teachers to help your child achieve his/her top potential with great ease.

A: Very Simple. Just click here to register (link for “student registration”) your son/daughter and fill in your requirements. You can also click here (link for “find tutors”) and select the best tutors for the respective subject as per their previous ratings and reviews.

A: Student Registration is absolutely free of cost. You just need to fill in you details and directly request & schedule your "Demo Class" from the tutor you like.

A: The selection of tutor is entirely your decision. However, each demo involves travel and time commitment from our tutors and failing a demo has a consequence on the rating of the tutor. Also the tutor's confidence takes a hit if he is not successful. Hence, do let us know your requirements for tutors beforehand like communication skills, timings, availability and subject matter expertise. This will ensure that the tutor is not rejected for any reason other than his/her teaching ability.

A: At a time, only 1 Demo Class can be scheduled from a single teacher. If in any case, you are not satisfied with the teacher, further demo class will be fixed after detailed discussion of your requirement and we will send the tutor best suited to your needs. There can be maximum 3 free demos.

A: You can login to your Student Profile (link) and pay the Fees from our secure payment portal as per the decided tutor’s hourly rate. You have option to make the payment for 10, 20 or 30 classes at a time. You can pay through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking or Paytm Wallet.

A: No, you will have to pay the monthly fees upfront and tutor is paid after monthly sessions are over. This brings commitment from both sides and we have seen this model working wonderfully.

A: If you are not satisfied with the progress of your son/daughter, we will help you in getting a better option. However, we would request you to talk to our academic counselor before taking any decision.

A: We have a strong filtering criterion for selection of tutors. We select a few handfuls of best tutors after rigorous tests of their subject expertise. We also ensure that the tutor has good teaching & training skills and understands the psychology of student. We also organize teaching training & meditation sessions regularly for our teachers and are very calm, confident and poised in handling students.

A: If you like our services and the way our tutors teach your son/daughter, you can refer us to your friends/family members and earn exciting gift vouchers of Rs 250 per referral*. (Link for "referral page")

A: Yes, we do have "All Round Training Sessions for Excellence" for students and organize it from time to time. We also have special workshop for Parents for understanding their child’s mentality better. Do let us know @contact us if you are interested.

A: We will be glad to hear from you. Please call us @ +91-7042575022 or drop a mail @